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DOH! [Apr. 7th, 2008|05:56 am]
Frank The Pirate
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

I use to breed cories. I've had lots of local tap water trouble and so on and lost a lot of my stock, the others just stopped breeding, so I thought I was done, put my brine shrimp eggs away and ignored my microworm cultures.

On the third, my albino cories were going mental. So much so I checked the water, checked everything, electrics, the lot. I ended up putting a towel over them as they drove me that nuts.

I woke up on the forth with eggs everywhere. So, I figured I would order some more starter microworms and have it all sorted by hatch day.

My friend called with an emergency then I had a major project at work, THEN another friend with an emergency and I forgot all about them.

Til tonight, when it suddenly clicked. I hauled it to my fish room to find a tub of the smallest wigglers I have EVER seen.. no culture... and someone moved my brine shrimp eggs, and my back up "ready mix just add water" packets have also been "tidied up" - I hate rearranging things, everything goes missing. Screwed!

So, I am freaking. I search the whole house for the eggs, add water to my cultures, find my baby Endler food and soak it and fed them that for tonight. THANKFULLY even after over 6 months of being ignored one of my two microworm cultures perked up, so I split it off into a fresh one and should have microworms by tomorrow. So, I hope they eat the sunken micro powdered fish food I gave them and make it through the night.

What are the odds they will live? Anyone have some brine shrimp eggs I can buy off them? I would get a whole can, but to be honest I will NEVER use a whole can. I need like 2 tablespoons, tops.
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2 inch albino tiger is ill [Mar. 26th, 2008|05:21 pm]
Frank The Pirate
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Hi all. I got Baby Fish (yeah, he needs a name) Saturday the 22nd of this month. He was fine all day Saturday and started sulking Sunday. Monday I decided to go back and get his two friends, he perked up and swam around with them all happy but still didn't eat, even when the other two did.

First off: I know how big they can get, I know to keep them in pairs. I have a 7x2x2 foot tank with an 8 inch tiger in it already, when the new three get big enough to not be food they are going to live with her as only fish in the tank. (I have 2 fluval fx5s filtering it, 2x 250watt heaters, rounded gravel bottom [soon to be sand] slate caves, terracotta pots and java ferns)

the tank the 3x 2 inch oscars are in is 48x18x18 inches, sand bottom, java ferns, slate caves, terracotta pots, and 2x fluval 4+ filters. The whole fish room is heated to 85F keeping the water at 79F.

I tested the water, its at pH 7.4, Ammonia 0ppm, nitrate 5ppm, nitrite 0ppm, liquid test kit (API I think)

His two friends were hanging out with them, when I went to feed them the orange two shot up to eat, and he started swimming like a cork screw and couldn't really get anywhere. I moved him to his own 18x8x8 inch tank with bare bottom, heater set to 80F, used half tank water and half treated fresh, acclimatized him as if he was new, and added a hand full of java fern for him to hide in. He HAS seemed to perk up a little, but that may just be a change of scene. I've been keeping an eye on the three from around the corner and there has been no fighting, they just hang out. He is a bit smaller and skinnier then the others, which makes me worry that he may have been ill when I got him. I have tried feeding him Hikari Cichlid Gold Mini Pellets, and am going to try a little live bloodworm tonight, to see if that perks him up. Is there anything I can do? The local fish shop simply said "bring him back for a replacement" which I don't want to do because I am afraid the trip could kill him.

thanks all!

------ ETA ------

Just went to check him, he died :( the fish shops says to just bring him back as they have new ones in and"did have some problems with that batch" way to tell me now. Guess my shop wasn't as great as I thought it was!
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-dies of OMGCUTENESS!- [Mar. 25th, 2008|12:12 pm]
Frank The Pirate
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Well, the orange fish was there. I bought him. He had an orange friend. I bought her. Original orange will be known as Shurburt, new orange will be known as Satsuma, I think.

Photos to come. They are in the new tank with Baby Fish, he has instantly stopped hiding and started swimming with them. I think all he needed was friends. -squee-

Best yet: Pets@Home INTERVIEWED ME!! To buy them!! -impressed as the fish can get to 14+ inches-

ETA: My Three Babies in Pictures
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Making a Sponge Filter [Mar. 23rd, 2008|07:22 pm]
Frank The Pirate
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[mood |tiredtired]

I keep getting asked how I made the sponge filters that I use in my Endler, Fry and Betta tanks, well, here you go:

what you need: 9 cheap thingsCollapse )
What to do: 11 easy stepsCollapse )

Done :) it works by sucking water through the sponge by the air displacing the water in the pipe and making it spill over the top :) Easier then it sounds, if you need help let me know :)

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Update. [Mar. 23rd, 2008|05:22 am]
Frank The Pirate
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Friday, Ellie got very ill. Within 2 hours, she was gone. I originally binned her, but felt really bad, so got a hold of my sister-in-law and sorted some stuff out. So I moved her and stored her in a cold place, today sis picked me up and we buried her in her garden, it was lovely, she even bought me a little plant to put on her so she'd not get dug up. I cried. She looked so horrible, my poor Els, so thin and pale. I know she was eating, but maybe for whatever reason it wasn't staying in or being absorbed. 6am: fine, eating, lovely. 11am: pale, eyes white, not moving, moved her upstairs, 2 hours later, dead. gods how horrible.

Back to Friday: a lady dropped off a rescued Bala shark to live with Pita in the 78x24x24. Well, they brought him in a bucket, so I tried to get him out with a bag, there was some splashing, then nothing. Then, from under the tank I hear "flip flip flip" poor fucker had jumped out. BAH! So, 2 mins later, I have him back in his bag, get him right side up, pick the fur off, and get him sorted. Pita was WAY to interested. Once he was out it was a few sniffs and now they are just chilling together.

So, I've seen this albino oscar at Pets at Home that I really wanted. Almost solid orange, he was lovely. £13.99 though. Geh, for a 2 inch fish. I've been watching him for almost 2 weeks though. Anyway, I was super depressed, so UKK took me to Furness Aquatics before I had to go bury Els. Found an all white one with just a shimmery hardly noticeable orange and fell in LOVE. So, obviously we know who came home. Poor little love freaked and spent more time airborne in his bag then in the water from jumping so much. I have him in the spare 4 foot after draining, refilling and putting a used filter in it. He is so lost, poor little love. Once he is more then 5 inches he will come down here to live with Pita, I am hoping he keeps his colour. No name yet though.

Pets at Home pissed me off anyway. Returned a light yesterday at 1730, decided I would come back and get the new light and oscar, so went to get a water sample. They said they would be open til 2000, got back at 1800 and they were locking up, wouldn't get my light or anything, so went back today and it was "what light" then took 20 mins to sort it out. So, even if I hadn't found the other oscar I was so fucked off I would wait to find another orange one elsewhere before buying from them. I think I will get an all orange then a wild marked one, but it will fill out my tank.

ETA: BAD pics of Baby :)
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The worst day of my fish keeping life. (very long post - sick lap bichir) [Mar. 21st, 2008|01:45 pm]
Frank The Pirate
[mood |VERY upset]

So. My lap bichir, Ellie, 16 inches long, 6(ish) inches round, lovely fish, loves me, love her.

I know, there is a strike, if I wasn't freaked, I wouldn't post. Sorry.Super long post, lots of detailCollapse )

---------------- edit ----------------
I just checked her an hour ago.. (didn't post as I had people come over and drop off a rescued Bala just after finding her)

she is very dead, very stiff.. Unfortunatly I don't have a back yard and she is to big for my plant pots, so I've had to wrap her in a bag and throw her away. God I am so heart broken and I feel like this is all my fault. Pita is devistated, even with the new fish for him to play with, he wont come out of his corner. How do I help him??
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FFS.. [Apr. 23rd, 2007|10:39 am]
Frank The Pirate
The other panda who turned blue with Little Blue is starting to show the first symptom Little Blue was. Staying still and slowly his back end will drift up a bit, just like with Little Blue all the readings are spot on. I have no idea what to do. I took all the sand out of the tank so I could keep it super clean and changed the water anyway, I also added a general anti-bacterial at half dose. Is there anything I can do for these mysterious things or just wait for him to die and not move any fish in or out of the tank?

thanks. I've collected all the post of Little Blue and put them here: http://www.spodbox.org/~saphphx/LittleBlue.htm

I need help guys.

Tank Size: 24x12x12
Filter: Fluval 2
Substrate: Sand
Decor: PVC pipes, Terracotta plant pot
Plants: duck weed
Temp: 75F
pH: 7.2
Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrate: 0.2ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Fish: 6 Clown Loachs, 7 corydoras panda, 12 Male N Endlers

the replies???


Yesterday, 11:26 PM Post #2 by Betta_Girl

After looking at the pics of Blue, I think it was a fast growing tumour...

I also think that you likely overloaded the tank by adding 7 of them (max. amount of fish added to a tank should not exceed 4 per week), which is probably why a few died.

Additionally, those 6 clown loaches are going to be huge - 8-10 inches EACH.

All of those fish in a 20 gallon ...not good

It's possible, if you got these corys from the same place - just a bad batch.
Sometimes we get fish at work that are just not meant to be - and most pass on...

Yesterday, 11:50 PM Post #3 by Magenta
I've got a friend who has several Clown Loaches at 12" each, he rescues them. His advice is to rehome the clowns asap.
Today, 08:22 AM Post #4 by me

QUOTE(Betta_Girl @ Apr 22 2007, 11:26 PM) After looking at the pics of Blue, I think it was a fast growing tumour...

I also think that you likely overloaded the tank by adding 7 of them (max. amount of fish added to a tank should not exceed 4 per week), which is probably why a few died.

Additionally, those 6 clown loaches are going to be huge - 8-10 inches EACH.

All of those fish in a 20 gallon ...not good

It's possible, if you got these corys from the same place - just a bad batch.
Sometimes we get fish at work that are just not meant to be - and most pass on...

I love it when people think I am stupid. Lets just toss those little clowns into my 78x24x24 inch tank so my bichir could eat them, or do I keep moving them about in grow out tanks til I can add them without getting eaten, cause I don't have a clue, I've only kept fish for over 17 years and had clowns for 4 years, belonging to loaches online and keeping up with all the latest fish keeping, as well as knowing pandas do best in groups of 6 or more like all corys and that keeping them in a smaller group would be worse on them then adding a few at a time as they are highly social and very easy to stress out.

QUOTE(Magenta @ Apr 22 2007, 11:50 PM) I've got a friend who has several Clown Loaches at 12" each, he rescues them. His advice is to rehome the clowns asap.

Oh, shame, and I bought that 6.5x2x2 foot tank for nothing. Damn. Lets go flush some clowns, best do those 6 inch ones I rescued from a cube too. There is a wrong way and a right way, wrong way, see above, right way "Hey, by the way, you know they will get to 12 inches beasties right?"

You know, I would get more help here if people would stop jumping to conclusions. In fact, I think I would get more help if I stop posting here where people think I am some sort of moron.

In all fairness, Betta_Girl does have a point about some being ill. Think I will re-reply to that.

I did reply back:
More calmly I replied:

Sorry, a little calmer now, and will reply a bit better. So sick of people thinking I am clueless though.

After looking at the pics of Blue, I think it was a fast growing tumour...

I agree, he was a very ill little fishy from the start, I guess I am currently stressing that it may have been more then a tumor and spreading, though thinking more on it I wonder if the tumor took hold faster because he was always a bit smaller and more ill then the rest.

I also think that you likely overloaded the tank by adding 7 of them (max. amount of fish added to a tank should not exceed 4 per week), which is probably why a few died.

I doubt it. Most corys die because they are lonely and sulk to death. I have seen that as the largest cause of cory death, and seeing as all the fish were added to the mature tank with all their kit from a same sized mature tank from upstairs where they were all kept together, I don't think it would have been a problem. Corys are best in 6 or more. End of story. Pandas are very easy to stress out, and I see lower death rates in groups of 12 or more, so where does it make sense to buy 12 pandas, split them up and qt 4 in each qt tank, then add them to the main tank that was at the time empty for their use (in the orig tank upstairs) and add 4 at a time and stress them out big time?

Additionally, those 6 clown loaches are going to be huge - 8-10 inches EACH.

I actually hope they get bigger then that, or my 700ltr 6 1/2 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot will look really empty with only my little 6 and my husbands 4. The lass from Loaches Online who is one of the leading clown loach experts and a Maiden Head Aquatics person (can't remember if she owns her branch or manages it) recommended a few more. Hmm.

All of those fish in a 20 gallon ...not good :(

the loaches are under an inch each, so are the pandas, so are the endlers, at the old inch a gallon, I am still under stocked, as far as space, I am well under stocked, as for filters, I am 2x under stocked. Less than an inch of clown loach is well small enough for a 20g, and seeing as my 4 foot has large loaches that would probably out eat the food and starve the little ones, being around 4-5 inches each, I think they are safer in a grow out tank.

It's possible, if you got these corys from the same place - just a bad batch.
Sometimes we get fish at work that are just not meant to be - and most pass on...

I agree, though that is no reason not to try to save what you can.

Now, as none of that was helpful other then basically saying "Bad fish, can't do anything but let them die, and by the way you are stupid" I would politely ask you to not offer your opinion on my posts in the future, as all you have done in any of my posts is belittle me and treat me like I have never before seen a fish, and I do not appreciate it. If this continues I will lodge a formal complaint and leave the forum.

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Well. [Apr. 22nd, 2007|01:48 am]
Frank The Pirate
I buried Little Blue in a plant pot and put some sad looking spider plants in as well as one of my original stock guppies that died last night. seemed fitting with the sad ill plants as he was a sad ill fish, and will help the plants get better, then I will always have Little Blue, and hopefully Little Spiddy Blue will do quite well :)
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Updates For Today: [Apr. 17th, 2007|10:47 pm]
Frank The Pirate

  • Moved lots of fish - Link
  • New Tank Contents - Link
  • Fish acquisition list - Link
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Fish List [Apr. 17th, 2007|10:44 pm]
Frank The Pirate

These are the acquisition records for fish I have bought.
EP0001Poecilia WingeiBlackbars22ebay Orig stock
EP0002Poecilia WingeiSnowCHBGR0001Fry of EP0001
EP0003Poecilia WingeiBlackbarCHBGR0002Fry of EP0001
EP0004Poecilia WingeiBlackbarCHB Fry of EP0003
EN0001Poecilia WingeiWild Type 52Fla  
EN0002Poecilia WingeiBlackbar98NY  
EN0003Poecilia WingeiFlame Tail 7Carl Died Dec 06
EN0004Poecilia WingeiGreen Tail 6Carl Died Dec 06
EN0005Poecilia WingeiWhite Peacock 9Carl Died Dec 06
G0001Poecilia Reticulata Wild Guppy5USGR0002 
G0002Poecilia ReticulataWild Guppy2USGR0002Fry of G0001
G0003Poecilia ReticulataWild Guppy-HBGR0002Fry of G0001xG0002
C0001Corydoras panda Panda Cory 1CMGR0004 
C0002Corydoras pandaPanda Cory 1PHGR0004 
C0003Corydoras paleatus Peppered Cory8PHGR0005 
C0004Corydoras paleatusPeppered Cory7FAGR0005 
C0005Corydoras aeneus Bronze Cory 15C4UGR0006 
C0006Corydoras aeneusBronze Cory 11HBGR0006 
C0007Corydoras pandaPanda Cory 4PHGR0004 
C0008Corydoras aeneusAlbino Cory 2FAGR0007 
C0009Corydoras aeneusAlbino Cory 5FAGR0007 
C0010Corydoras panda Panda Cory 7FAGR0004 
C0011Corydoras paleatusPeppered Cory4FAGR0005 
C0012Corydoras trilineatus False Julii1GiftGR0008 
C0013Corydoras aeneusAlbino Cory 2GiftGR0007 
C0014Corydoras aeneusBronze Cory 2GiftGR0006 
C0015Corydoras trilineatusFalse Julii1NRGR0008 
C0016Corydoras paleatusPeppered Cory1NRGR0005 
C0017Corydoras pandaPanda Cory 16FAGR0004 
C0018Corydoras aeneusAlbino Cory 1FAGR0007 
C0019Corydoras pandaPanda Cory 2FAGR0004 
C0020Corydoras sterbai Sterba's Cory 1FAGR0011 
C0021Corydoras sterbai Sterba's Cory 10PHGR0011 
C0022Corydoras schwartzi  4PHGR0012 
C0023Corydoras aeneusBronze Cory 2FAGR0006 
C0024Corydoras paleatusPeppered Cory 1PHGR0005 
C0025Corydoras schwartzi 2PHGR0012 
C0026Corydoras panda Panda Cory 3FAN/AGiven to Carl
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