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Fish List [Apr. 17th, 2007|10:44 pm]
Frank The Pirate

These are the acquisition records for fish I have bought.
EP0001Poecilia WingeiBlackbars22ebay Orig stock
EP0002Poecilia WingeiSnowCHBGR0001Fry of EP0001
EP0003Poecilia WingeiBlackbarCHBGR0002Fry of EP0001
EP0004Poecilia WingeiBlackbarCHB Fry of EP0003
EN0001Poecilia WingeiWild Type 52Fla  
EN0002Poecilia WingeiBlackbar98NY  
EN0003Poecilia WingeiFlame Tail 7Carl Died Dec 06
EN0004Poecilia WingeiGreen Tail 6Carl Died Dec 06
EN0005Poecilia WingeiWhite Peacock 9Carl Died Dec 06
G0001Poecilia Reticulata Wild Guppy5USGR0002 
G0002Poecilia ReticulataWild Guppy2USGR0002Fry of G0001
G0003Poecilia ReticulataWild Guppy-HBGR0002Fry of G0001xG0002
C0001Corydoras panda Panda Cory 1CMGR0004 
C0002Corydoras pandaPanda Cory 1PHGR0004 
C0003Corydoras paleatus Peppered Cory8PHGR0005 
C0004Corydoras paleatusPeppered Cory7FAGR0005 
C0005Corydoras aeneus Bronze Cory 15C4UGR0006 
C0006Corydoras aeneusBronze Cory 11HBGR0006 
C0007Corydoras pandaPanda Cory 4PHGR0004 
C0008Corydoras aeneusAlbino Cory 2FAGR0007 
C0009Corydoras aeneusAlbino Cory 5FAGR0007 
C0010Corydoras panda Panda Cory 7FAGR0004 
C0011Corydoras paleatusPeppered Cory4FAGR0005 
C0012Corydoras trilineatus False Julii1GiftGR0008 
C0013Corydoras aeneusAlbino Cory 2GiftGR0007 
C0014Corydoras aeneusBronze Cory 2GiftGR0006 
C0015Corydoras trilineatusFalse Julii1NRGR0008 
C0016Corydoras paleatusPeppered Cory1NRGR0005 
C0017Corydoras pandaPanda Cory 16FAGR0004 
C0018Corydoras aeneusAlbino Cory 1FAGR0007 
C0019Corydoras pandaPanda Cory 2FAGR0004 
C0020Corydoras sterbai Sterba's Cory 1FAGR0011 
C0021Corydoras sterbai Sterba's Cory 10PHGR0011 
C0022Corydoras schwartzi  4PHGR0012 
C0023Corydoras aeneusBronze Cory 2FAGR0006 
C0024Corydoras paleatusPeppered Cory 1PHGR0005 
C0025Corydoras schwartzi 2PHGR0012 
C0026Corydoras panda Panda Cory 3FAN/AGiven to Carl