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Making a Sponge Filter [Mar. 23rd, 2008|07:22 pm]
Frank The Pirate
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I keep getting asked how I made the sponge filters that I use in my Endler, Fry and Betta tanks, well, here you go:

what you need:
Measuring tape/ruler
Car sponge (new)
PVC Pipe
Air pump
Air line
Air stone

What to do:
  1. Measure the water level in your tank, then take an inch off. You may have to trim later, you want the pipe about 1/4 of an inch above the water
  2. Cut your PVC pipe to above size
  3. Drill holes in the bottom 1 inch of the pipe, the more the better
  4. Cut your sponge to desired size
  5. Cut an x shape into the middle of the sponge, 1 inch deep
  6. Rinse pipe and sponge well
  7. Shove the pipe, hole filled end, into the sponge.
  8. Fit in tank, cover with gravel if needed.
  9. Hook up pump, air line and stone
  10. Put stone into bottom of pipe, has to go all the way down
  11. Turn on air, the more air the better the filter works

Done :) it works by sucking water through the sponge by the air displacing the water in the pipe and making it spill over the top :) Easier then it sounds, if you need help let me know :)