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DOH! [Apr. 7th, 2008|05:56 am]
Frank The Pirate
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

I use to breed cories. I've had lots of local tap water trouble and so on and lost a lot of my stock, the others just stopped breeding, so I thought I was done, put my brine shrimp eggs away and ignored my microworm cultures.

On the third, my albino cories were going mental. So much so I checked the water, checked everything, electrics, the lot. I ended up putting a towel over them as they drove me that nuts.

I woke up on the forth with eggs everywhere. So, I figured I would order some more starter microworms and have it all sorted by hatch day.

My friend called with an emergency then I had a major project at work, THEN another friend with an emergency and I forgot all about them.

Til tonight, when it suddenly clicked. I hauled it to my fish room to find a tub of the smallest wigglers I have EVER seen.. no culture... and someone moved my brine shrimp eggs, and my back up "ready mix just add water" packets have also been "tidied up" - I hate rearranging things, everything goes missing. Screwed!

So, I am freaking. I search the whole house for the eggs, add water to my cultures, find my baby Endler food and soak it and fed them that for tonight. THANKFULLY even after over 6 months of being ignored one of my two microworm cultures perked up, so I split it off into a fresh one and should have microworms by tomorrow. So, I hope they eat the sunken micro powdered fish food I gave them and make it through the night.

What are the odds they will live? Anyone have some brine shrimp eggs I can buy off them? I would get a whole can, but to be honest I will NEVER use a whole can. I need like 2 tablespoons, tops.